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6 Day Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania - Arusha - Sinya - Karatu - Lake Manyara

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Look here all bird enthusiasts, this 6 nights-safari is for you! With visits to Arusha NP, Sinya and Lake Manyara NP you can expect to meet an abundance of different species during this birding safari.

Day 1 Habari na karibu – Hello and welcome!

Africa & Tanzania welcomes you! Maybe you even were welcomed by the Roof of Africa while landing at Kilimanjaro Airport, the mighty mountain Kilimanjaro, the highest in Africa, that has given its name to the airport.

After clearing immigration and picking up your luggage, you will be warmly greeted by your CrossRoads Safari driver/guide at arrivals.

Your guide will take you the short drive to your accommodation for the next three nights.

Accommodation: Arusha
Meal plan: Half board

Dag 2 Arusha NP

Arusha National Park

Your Tanzania adventure commences with a birdwatching excursion to Arusha National Park. Throughout the day, we will immerse ourselves in the diverse range of forest and grassland habitats within the park, in search of the unique bird species that inhabit this area. Some of the noteworthy species we hope to encounter include:

Scaly Francolin
Silvery-cheeked Hornbill
Narina Trogon

Red-throated Twinspot
Black-throated Wattle-eye
African Emerald Cuckoo
White-starred Robin
White-eared Barbet
Stripe-faced and Grey-olive Greenbuls

Mountain Oriole
Mbulu White-eye
Red-backed Mannikin

Moustached Grass Warbler
Bronzy Sunbird.
Red-winged and Violet-backed Starlings
Retz’s Helmetshrike
Pallid Honeyguide
Rüppell’s Robin-Chat
Green-backed Honeybird
Fan-tailed Grassbird

Of course, we will also have the opportunity to encounter many of the mammals who lives in the park.

Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is a natural gem offering diverse attractions within its compact size. The park boasts stunning landscapes, including the breathtaking Mount Meru, Tanzania’s second highest peak. Visitors can embark on exhilarating hikes up the mountain, encountering rich biodiversity along the way. The park is home to a range of wildlife, such as giraffes, zebras, elephants, and a variety of bird species. Its Momela Lakes shimmer with vibrant hues, providing a picturesque setting for picnics. Additionally, the Ngurdoto Crater offers a mesmerizing sight, resembling a mini version of the famous Ngorongoro Crater. Arusha National Park promises an unforgettable experience blending nature, adventure, and tranquility.

Accommodation: Arusha
Meal plan: Full board

Dag 3 Sinya

After enjoying breakfast, we will begin our journey to Sinya, where we will be greeted by breathtaking vistas of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro. As we traverse the plains, we will witness the presence of Maasai pastoralists tending to their herds of cattle, sheep, and goats.

Among the fascinating bird species, we hope to encounter are:
Maasai Ostrich,
Kori Bustard
Crowned Plover
Crested Francolin
Temminck’s Courser
Heuglin’s Courser
White-browed Sparrow Weaver
Fischer’s Starling, Hildebrandt’s Starling
Wattled Starling, Rufous Chatterer
Rosy-patched Shrike
Slate-coloured Boubou
White-headed Buffalo Weaver
Black-necked Weaver
Spike-heeled Lark
Grey Wren Warbler
Banded Parisoma
Von der Decken’s Hornbill
White-bellied Go-away Bird
Eastern Pale Chanting Goshawk
African Spoonbill
Glossy Ibis
Blue-naped Mousebird

In the evening, we will return to Arusha, arriving in time for dinner.

Accommodation: Arusha

Meal plan: Full board

Dag 4 to Karatu

After a slow morning, we embark on a transfer from Arusha to Karatu. During the journey, we anticipate making birdwatching stops, particularly in the Acacia woodland and scrubby regions, which thrive in the drier landscape. These impromptu birding opportunities along the roadside often yield fruitful results. We may be fortunate to spot:


Rosy-patched Bushshrike

White-bellied Go-away-bird
Eastern Violet-backed Sunbird
Golden-backed Weaver

Blue-naped Mousebird
Von der Decken’s Hornbill

Accommodation: Karatu, Hhando Coffee Lodge

Meal plan: Full board

Dag 5 and 6 Lake Manyara

Following an early breakfast, we will drive towards Lake Manyara. With a bird list encompassing 380 species, Lake Manyara National Park offers abundant avian diversity. Lake Manyara National Park is situated at the base of the Great Rift Valley, encompassing an area of only 330 square kilometers, with a significant portion of its surface covered by water.
Over the next two days, our activities will include exploring the Groundwater Forest, touring the park’s lake area by car, and embarking on a walking safari along the Rift Valley Escarpment.

Some of the notable species that we may encounter include:

Egyptian Goose
White Pelican
Marabou Stork

Welcome to safari in Tanzania

Dusky Turtle Dove
Palm Nut Vulture
Egyptian Vulture
Spur-winged Plover
Madagascar Pratincole
Chestnut-banded Plover
Purple-crested Turaco

African Fish Eagle
Black-winged Stilt
African Spoonbill
Taita Fiscal

Red-billed Hornbill
Grey Hornbill
Southern Black Flycatcher
Silvery-cheeked Hornbill
Ground Hornbill
Crested Guinea Fowl

Accommodation: Karatu, Hhando Coffee Lodge
Meal plan: Full board

Day 7 Time to say goodbye

Your Tanzania adventure has come to an end for this time. Sit back in the car and let all your lovely new experiences sink in as you return to Arusha and Kilimanjaro Airport. The drive will take approximately 4 hours.

We promise you will leave with memories forever etched in your heart.

Meal plan: Half board

You can easily prolong this trip with visits to Ngorongoro Crater and/or Tarangire NP if you wish. We are happy to help you plan your safari!

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